Saturday, 10 August 2019


Some pictures from the 6th Annual  Inspiring change conference 2019 #InspiringNewdimension #inspiringChangeConference 

The 6th Annual Inspiring
Change conference wouldn’t have been possible without God and of course the relentless commitment, Time and behind the scene energy of our delectable 2019 conference planning committee. We say a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. 

We sincerely thank all our “GIRL TALK” panelists Moderated by the Convener, Sunmbo Adeoye for an electrifying delivery of Witty wisdom, Insight, and Great Information today. 

You are indeed an example of women supporting fellow women. 

The 6th Annual Inspiring Change Conference was a Great success. 

We are definitely operating henceforth from a NEW DIMENSION insight. 



Recently I was invited to speak to the graduating class of 2019 at D and D schools and here I am pictured next to the founder of the school.

The inspiring thing about this picture is that ‘Mummy’ pictured here was the nurse in the delivery room where my mum had me 38years ago.

In her words, she loved me from the day I was born and developed the habit of sending me gifts each time she sees my mum whom she’s fond of calling “Iya Doyin no1.不”

Fast forward to 2014 at a relatives wedding, we were seated at the reception and I went to Great all my in-laws at their table.

Amidst all the big aunties in their radiant smiles, She was introduced to me and was so happy to see that I had grown into a “big girl” 不 she asked after my mum who was then in the states and told me how I was her baby from day one. We rounded up that introductory session with a line of prayer - “Yours is next”  I smiled and everyone on the table was quick to tell her that I’m “Tunde’s ( David Adeoye )wife .

She was amazed and drew me closer to a warmer embrace. I didn’t understand this until I was told she’s my husband’s aunt.

The immediate younger sister to my husband’s mother was the nurse that delivered me at birth 不不不

Hahahahaha, this world is actually small and somehow we are all connected.

She sowed a good seed when I was born and her nephew reaped a GOOD wife.

You never know what tomorrow brings. Sow good seeds always.


Sunday, 24 March 2019


I remembered during the elections, as I walked pass the market and streets to get to my polling unit, the sight of all the #inspiringchangedeliberately umbrellas donated to the Agege market women by my team at INSPIRING CHANGE WITH SUNMBO ADEOYE just gladdens my heart and I feel If each one would touch one, what a wonderful world it would be. ‪

Truth is, we all are Empowered to Empower others and at Inspiring Change Conference our goal is to empower as many women in micro businesses as possible.

You too can change a life. Please Join Us

Account name : ESOB HERO
Bank : FCMB
Account Number : 5123531018

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