Tuesday, 23 January 2018


So I wrote this book as a gift to the World as inspired by my boys Ninofabulous and King Zii  😍😍 

Parenting can be fun filled if you know how to play the role right. 

This book has so many “Aww” moment, & loads of aha moments too. 😁😁

You won’t stop smiling, nodding and taking in the deep lessons. 

For example, I had jokingly asked my boys severally how I frustrate their dreams.
One of the very one that cracked me up, is when Zion said “ each time I cease their ball, I delay them from becoming future star ballers… hahahaha, me? Frustrate their dreams how? Ah, I was only teaching them how to prioritize. Not every timefootball jare. Sometimes you have to read and sometimes you eat and other times just sleep. But please with the rate at which they pay footballers these days, I guess they can play all they want ooo. (lol)

For some other kids, their parent or guardian frustrate their dreams when they fail to buy the necessary tools or kits needed for them to practice. My Prayer for each parents is that God will give you the capacity and enablement to be able to supply all of the needs of your creative wards in Jesus amen. 

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