Thursday, 20 December 2018


ONCE UPON A TIME..... 😁 I’m guessing dad had no prior knowledge someone would be visiting me so (I’m thinking) a last minute opportunity came to send me ‘something’ through my sister and he wouldn’t let the chances pass by him.....🤔

This was 12years old me. I was away from home and it was that year when I turned 13💃🏾There was no cell phones 📵for my age group and no Facebook shout outs 🗣too 😁 back in the days. My birthday came🎂🎂 and my older sister came visiting👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩It wasn’t only her visit that made my day but the fact that she came bearing a birthday Card “hand written and designed by My dad”.💌 

Truth is I have always loved cards and dad knowing this must have thought it would make my day. And YES! YES!! YES!!! it did. Now here’s the part that got to my heart. HE DIDN’T BUY ME A NEW CARD, He simply picked one of the old cards at home, tore off the already printed leaf inside (who does that🤣) and wrote such beautiful words in black ink 📝 just for me on my birthday ❤️

I’m thinking!!! “Could dad be broke? Why didn’t he just buy a new card. This one isn’t looking neat and why isn’t it in an envelop”? Little childish THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD before I flipped open the card. Guess what? .....WHILE READING HIS MESSAGE , MY COUNTENANCE CHANGED, THE JOY IN MY HEART AND THE SMILE ON MY FACE ..... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️omg!

I still remember that day and wish I could say “thank you Dad” again for the card.From the words he wrote to the thought of writing and the guts to even edit and send a used greeting card 🤣🤣🤣 , I knew Daddy loved me. I knew he would give me more if he had the opportunity. 

I saw GENUINE LOVE and the desire to make his child feel Loved and a zeal to just pass on an information precious enough to make me smile 💕💕💕and the value of living such memory in my heart for life. (irrespective of the way it seems at first) There are many lessons and memories I relish on about my Dad and several birthdays have passed with BIGGER GIFTS from him but this singular act taught me a vital lesson I will never forget in a hurry. 

I then made up my mind that either I have expensive gifts or not, I will never miss out on showing love to people whom I genuinely care about.

👉🏽LESSON : So if a card is all you have this season of giving and sharing, don’t kill yourself with guilt if you are not able to match it with expensive gifts for the ones you love. Don’t hold back the visit or call because you don’t want to go empty handed. 

To show love shouldn't always be about the gifts. You can clear your closet by removing the ones that are no longer your size and just give it to close relatives who may need them. Sometimes a call could just be all that matters to that "Loved one" right now.Sometimes send a card, visit or just share a hug, hold their hands, Listen to them, text a message, or just hand write a note. It WILL(may)go a long way. 

Ps: some of us (I) still appreciate greeting cards and no matter how affordable a bulk seems, it cost something too. So my brothers & Sisters, make sure you have a "debt free" Christmas..... and remember CHRIST IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. (James 1:17).