Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. During the press conference to announce NOKIA being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Upon saying that, all his management team, himself included, teared sadly.
Nokia has been a respectable company. They didn’t do anything wrong in their business, however, the world changed too fast. Their opponents were too powerful.
They missed out on learning, they missed out on changing, and thus they lost the opportunity at hand to make it big. Not only did they miss the opportunity to earn big money, they lost their chance of survival.
The message of this story is, if you don’t change, you shall be removed from the competition.
It’s not wrong if you don’t want to learn new things. However, if your thoughts and mindset cannot catch up with time, you will be eliminated.
1. The advantage you have yesterday, will be replaced by the trends of tomorrow. You don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it RIGHT, you can lose out and fail.
To change and improve yourself is giving yourself a second chance. To be forced by others to change, is like being discarded.
Those who refuse to learn & improve, will definitely one day become redundant & not relevant to the industry. They will learn the lesson in a hard & expensive way.

Monday, 19 September 2016


I remember forth night ago,in the room, I was preparing to sleep and saw a balloon (pieces from my previous event decor) by my dressing table. I blew it out and started tossing it up the ceiling. It was fun and then I got tired. Then the Holy Spirit dropped several lessons into my heart and Right there I knew He wanted me to share same with the undergraduates.
Here are few Lessons we learnt from the Balloon Analogy at the Undergraduate blue print boot camp 2016:
*when given a ballon to blow, the air you blow into it,determines the size. In life you will be given equal opportunities but you determine what to make out of it.
*Some blow little air for fear of bursting their ballon and some just keep blowing as long as it stretches.
In Business, you have to dare the unknown and not allow fear stop you. Give it your best shot. If your ballon bursts, take another and start again.
*When tossing the balloon up, you will have fun. When you do what you love and are passionate about, it's fun all the way.
*While tossing it, you have to remain focus and keep your eyes on it or else, it bounces right out of your hand.
To keep the business running, you have to keep your eyes on the goal.
And soooo much more..... If you missed the UNDERGRADUATE BLUE PRINT BOOT CAMP, you missed a lot.
Look out for our next sessions, coming soon.


Entrepreneurship is the process of growing ideas into a viable business or organization. Let's meet tomorrow at the Undergraduate Blue print Boot camp (UBPBC) 

Time: 10am 
Venue : Royalty christian Centre, Wisdom Arena (1 williams estate, new Oko oba Agege) 
Gate: N500

Features : Entrepreneurship | Relationship | Comedy | Skill acquisition/Mentorship | Raffle draw and loads of other goodies

Come early, you may be winning for doing just that.

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The inspiring change conference 2016 isn't one to be forgotten in a hurry. As women troupe into the wisdom arena in their thousands to be inspired by the various speakers .

This was the 3rd of its kind and have had in attendance notable guest speakers like The Vice President of Discovery for Women, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, The First Lady mechanic, Lady Sandra Agbuebor, Visual /Media Mongul, Kemi Adetiba, Fashion entrepreneur, Nkechi Harry Ngonadi and soo many others.

This years conference had the Firstlady chairman of first bank, Mrs Ibukun Awosika as the guest speaker and it was a total transforming experience.

Adesunmbo Adeoye, the convener whose vision is to empower women and ensure the future for the girl child is secure, safe and rewarding, gave out cash gifts and work tools to empower women in Business and encourage growth.

Some of those who have benefited in this empowerment are Mrs Eunice Godwin (The famous fish seller from Kaduna) Mrs Patience Udom (Akwa-Ibom) Ms Helen Demechi (Lagos) Ms Catherine Oni amongst others.

The conference also featured other inspiring sessions like the Girl talk, Moderated by Mrs Yemisi Adetunmbi ( renound banker and business woman) with speakers like Hesey Odiete Ise (Google Africa grant beneficiary) and Mrs Evelyn of perfect touch design (Youwin Govt Grant winner)

We had an inspiring music ministration by the royal minstrels and of course Ninofabulous Round up the conference with a sonorous blend of saxophonic tunes.

It was indeed an inspiring event.

Don't miss the next one coming to your state soon,Lekki, Abuja, Port-hacourt, Connecticut, Johannesburg etc

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


In 3days time, thousands of people (men & Women) just like you will gather at the wisdom arena, to be inspired by the life transforming sessions from The inspiring change conference with Adesunmbo Adeoye.

The Special guest speaker, this year is Mrs Ibukun Awosika (The First Female Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria) Hosted by the delectable Goldman sachs scholar Mrs Adesunmbo Adeoye, in a live conference that will undoubtedly change lives.

What's holding you back?

Say YES to your success. Say YES to your dreams. Say YES I CAN and Register for FREE ‎on

#InspiringChange2016 #AdesunmboAdeoyeInitiative

Door opens at 2pm. Please Sms 08023199887 for more‎ details.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


If you've ever missed The Inspiring Change Conference with Adesunmbo Adeoye , don't miss this 3rd episode coming in exactly 12days from now.

Come listen to Inspiring Words that will fire you up for greatness on Saturday March 5,2016 by 4pm as we host Mrs Ibukun Awosika, the first Lady Chairperson of the First bank of Nigeria.

It will be life transforming, value adding and inspiring for every one (Woman or Man) who seeks a revolution in business, career and desires to be in the frontline of excellence.

1, Williams estate Tabon-Tabon, opposite FCMB Abattoir Road, New Oko Oba. Agege, Lagos.

Admission is FREE but Registration is Required.

Visit to Register.

For enquiry:
SMS 08023199887 #icc2016 #inspiringchange2016 #transforminglives #YESiCAN #iwd2016 #adesunmboAdeoye #IbukunAwosika