Friday, 3 August 2018


⭕️I have failed at different stages in my life. 
❌Failed JAMB
❌Failed Business Maths in college and had an extra year. 
❌Failed at Relationships too and sincerely I never choose to fail but now I look back and realized that those failures where literarily a path I needed to cross to appreciate and value today’s successes.

LESSON: Don’t be intimidated by today’s failures, dare to keep trying. You are not a failure oo. You too will WIN soon.πŸ’―

πŸ†˜And for those who have never failed before, dupe ti e. Appreciate your journey. It’s not common 😁 #TGIF 
⛔️Have you failed before? Share your “how I got back up” experience so others can learn.

✅Jesus Rose from the Dead so we can get up again. How bad can yours get? YOU ARE GETTING BACK UP IN JESUS NAME