Wednesday, 28 March 2018

You are not a Loser, YOU ARE A CHOOSER!!!

This is to specially invite you to the Annual Inspiring Change Conference. Our 5th edition, Tagged "GAME CHANGER" comes up on Saturday April 7,2018 at the Wisdom Arena, opposite FCMB Tabon-Tabon, Agege, Lagos,Nigeria

This Conference promises a life transforming experience with a line up of Leading Female Entrepreneurs.

Our Guest speaker is Pastor Nike Adeyemi Of Daystar christian centre, and the GIRL TALK session moderated by the Convener, Sunmbo Adeoye, will host Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal, Nelly Agbogu of Nellies foods and Naija brand chick and of course the Senior Alaga Of Nigeria OluremiSAN of Strictly weddings Nigeria.

Don’t miss out. Its about time you define you and not let anyone do the defining..

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Monday, 5 March 2018


7 years ago, I resigned from my banking career to venture into a new line of business I knew nothing about.

Was I tired of the routine work? YES! 
Was I in need of a better remuneration? YES (before nko😃) who wouldn’t.

But the force that was working in my head was stronger than all the idea of becoming CEO.

I lost sleep, fasted, prayed. I even ran the idea through some colleagues who encouraged me to draw a business plan.

Soon after I put the vision down, I began to believe in the dream and gain clarity.

Was I scared? Hmmm! Heck YES I was. 

And to think I even resigned in January for that matter. I mean who does that? 

After all the “feferity” Of December.... I needed a bounce back pay. Can anyone relate? 

But I left anyway. This was few days to my son’s 5th year birthday. Hmmm! What am I doing? Am I crazy or what? 

Did I eventually get a better remuneration in my new chosen field? 
How did I survive starting a business without capital?
And was it a better routine compared to my 9-5 job? 

Hahahahaha.... you really should hear this. 

Join me this Thursday, March 8,2018 on twitter ( @inspiringchang ) as I share my GAME CHANGER Story in a line up of tweet from 8am.

My name is Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye and This years Inspiring Change tweet conference is going to be inspiring. Tell someone.